Back To School

Hey everyone!

Can’t wait to see you all at school on Tuesday! We have had a very long break! I hope you all are ready to get right back into it! šŸ™‚

For my two Language Arts classes, we will be continuing on with The Outsiders novel study! This will probably take us right to March Break, and maybe after depending on weather and how we workĀ in class! With The Outsiders, you will have some work to do in and out of class, so please be aware of this if you happen to miss a class. You don’t want to get behind on this book, as you will want all the possible notes for you final projects!

For my Heath class, we will continueĀ to read the book “The Skin I’m In” aloudĀ in class. This will happen sporadically in our classes, as I only have one copy of the book. I do, however, have questions thatĀ go along with this book and they will be in your folders. We will be answering them in class. Along with this book, we will also be continuing on inĀ our Health book. You may have work to take home with you depending on how we use our class time, so please be prepared for this. If you miss a class, make sure you catch up from a friend, or come and see me!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow! It will be Day 4!


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let my English classes know that I have posted marks onto SAS. Anything that has not been completed and handed in, is marked as such. Once I receive the completed work, I will change the status. If I do not receive the completed work, the status will stay as NHI.

Just a reminder to all students and parents, that if there are ever any questions or concerns regarding anything we are doing in class, or homework, please feel free to email me or comment on the blog!


Welcome to 2017!!

Hey everyone!

Welcome back, I hope everyone had a great long break! 2017 is going to be a great year! We have lots of things to cover, but hard work and a positive attitude will help make the second half of the school year go smoothly!

For my Language Arts classes, we will be focusing a lot on reading and writing, and working in our new duo-tangs!

For my Health class, we will continue working in the book and will continue to have some great discussions!

I look forward to the next six months!!

Ms. Robison


Hey everyone!

Just letting you know I think I have finally mastered SAS. So if you are someone who gets automatic alerts or notifications- they may have been plentiful last Friday, and I apologize. I just needed to fix a few things. Either way, SAS should be up to date with all class marks right now, and if there are ever any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me!


Hey everyone!

Busy day today! Just wanted to remind my Language Arts classes about their quiz Tuesday and Underground to Canada Final Project due Wednesday. Also, to my Health classes, if you have any late work, please pass it in on Tuesday.

Also a reminder to parents, I do not have a homeroom, therefore I do not have any scheduled times for P-T Interviews. However, if you would like to see my on Thursday evening, I ‘ll be around from 6-8pm, and on Friday – all day! I should be in my classroom, Room 805, but if that changes I will let you know!

SAS Marks

Hey everyone!

Just sending out a note to all my classes! I have been updating SAS with marks, so keep in mind if you missed an assignment or have not handed something in, I will mark it as NHI. This stands for ‘not handed in’. Until I receive it, it stays at 0 -as that is what NHI calculates it as. If you were absent, that is completely acceptable, just get it to me by the next class. For my health students, since I don’t see you very much, if you have work to be handed in- please feel free to drop by the classroom and drop it off!!!